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Our services include the following:


  • Bathrooms:
    •     Install/Repair Faucet, Lines
    •     Install/Replace Supply Valves
    •     Install/Replace Sink
    •     Install/Replace Vanity
    •     Install/Replace Tub Faucet
    •     Install/Replace Toilet
    •     Install/Replace Tub
    •     Install/Replace Wall Tile
    •     Install Shower Door
    •     Install Tile Backer Board
    •     Lay Cermaic Floor Tile
    •     Grouting
  • Carpentry Exterior
    •     Deck Layout, Build
    •     Replace Siding, Trim
    •     Build Deck Railings
    •     Build Deck Stairs
    •     Roof Layout
    •     Replace Soffit and Facia
  • Carpentry Interior
    •     Wall Layout and Framing
    •     Install Molding
    •     Install Crown Molding
    •     Build Stairs
    •     Install Cabinets
    •     Build Countertop/Laminate
    •     Install Wainscoating

  • Concrete
        Set Forms
        Assemble Rebar and Remesh
        Sidewalk and Slab Finish
        Concrete Repair
        Lay Bricks
        Lay Cinderblock
        Lay Glass Block
        Clean Bricks
        Install Pre-Hung Door
        Install Slab Door
        Install Exterior Door
        Replace Patio Door
        Replace Casing
        Install New Locksets
        Install Dead Bolt
        Repair Jamb
        Hang Drywall Board
        Tape and Finish Drywall Joints
        Attach Corner Bead
        Tape and Finish Corners
        Wall Texture Matching
        Drywall Patches
        Spray Texture
        Remove/Replace Switch or Outlet
        Remove/Replace Light Fixture
        Assemble Ceiling Fan
        Install Bath Fan   
        Change Circuit Breaker
        Wire 3-Way Circuit
        Rough-In Electrical
        Install Doorbell
        Swap Flourescent Ballast
        Run 220 Volt Power
        Replace Fence Post
        Build Privacy Fence
        Repair Chain Link Fence
        Install Split Rail Fence
        Build Gate
        Replace Pickets
        Install Laminate Flooring
        Install/Repair Linoleum
        Install/Repair Carpet
        Install/Repair Hardwood Floor
        Finish Hardwood Floor
        Ceramic Tile Flooring
        Sub-Floor Repair
        Floor Squeak Repair
        Base Molding/Cove
    Maintenance Inside
        Ice Maker Install
        Wallpaper Install/Repair
        Grid Ceiling INstall
        Dryver Vent Installed
        Hang Heavy Items on Wall
        Install Keyboard Tray
        Hang Curtains/Blinds
    Maintenance Outside
        Gutters Cleaned
        Hedge Trimming
        Landscape Work
        Power Wash House/Deck
        Assemble Shed Kit
        Build Swing Set
        Replace Window Well
        Brush Painting
        Roller Painting
        Airless Spray
        Finish Coats
        Color Matching
        Faux Painting
        Remove/Replace Faucet Washers
        Remove/Replace Faucet Seat
        Remove/Replace Faucet Cartridge
        Remove/Replace Faucet Assembly
        Remove/Replace Drain/p-Trap
        Remove/Replace Disposal
        Remove/Replace Kitchen Sink
        Hookup Dishwasher
        Adjust Toilet
        Remove/Replace Toilet Fill Valve
        Remove/Replace Toilet Innards
        Remove/Replace Shower Valve
        Sweat Copper Leaks
        Run Gas Line
        Troubleshoot Leaks
        D.W.V. Assemble
        Drive Dump Truck
        Swamp Cooler Service
        Swamo Cooler Installed
        Roofing Install
        Roofing Repair
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